Biotech CEO Summits are limited to 40-60 CEOs who are viewed as thought leaders and influencers in
their local and/or national biotech communities. Participation is by invitation only. The Summits are closed to others who are not directly involved as a discussion leader, special guest or sponsor.

Rules of Engagement

In order to foster an environment where CEOs may discuss internal, external and personal issues with other CEOs in confidence, we ask all registered Biotech CEO Summit Europe participants — CEOs, discussion leaders, sponsors and staff — to agree to respect the following guidelines and rules:

  • The Biotech CEO Summit Europe is an “off-the-record” gathering – What happens at the Powerscourt stays at the Powerscourt.
  • The Summit is a gathering of equals who are committed to delivering on the promise biotech holds to deliver new treatments for patients and stakeholders.
  • All Summit attendees are encouraged to participate and contribute to the overall discussion.
  • All Summit participants are asked to speak from experience and listen respectfully with no second-guessing or non-constructive criticism.
  • Honest assessments based on personal experience are encouraged.
  • Participants are asked to limit phone calls or outside distractions.
  • To ensure a frank conversation, members of the media are excluded from the event.

Request for Input

We are always striving to maximize the value and relevance of the Summit to the CEO participants. In order to do that, please provide your thoughts and suggestions by completing the participant survey at Biotech CEO Summit Europe survey. Login credentials were sent you in an email with the subject line: Biotech CEO Summit Europe – Thank You

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